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Cok Grootscholten Succulent World .. (Grootscholten)
"Fotk I use from 2005 and now we are over 1000000 visitors unbelievable"

Jan's Photos (JansRequests)
"Been using Fotki for 8 years now and very satisfied. Just renewed my subscription for 5 more years."

Patrick McMillan (patrickmcmillan)
"I'll be with Fotki till they put me away - and then I'll pay in advance so my students and family can still enjoy the photos I've taken of them. Thanks "Mucho", Patrick"

Xopher (cpeterson)
"I have been a Fotki member since Sunday October 1, 2006. Fotki is the first site I check when I log onto my computer. It is the only place where folks can be sure to find me for communication purposes. No other site on the web has succeeded in making the world a smaller place than Fotki. "

Maple Photo (MaplePhoto)
"I love FOTKI's features, This is a great site."

♥ Beatrix ♥ (romantica1)
"I've tried so many different photo-platforms but I always come back to Fotkiland. Here I have met so many lovable and wonderful people from around the globe, having fun "meeting and chatting" with them under the photos and I am blessed with some real close friendships. Fotki is simply SUPER!!!! Beatrix"

Don (donbo7011)
"GREAT SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EXCELLENT PRINT SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!! NEED A GIFT, THIS IS THE PLACE!!!!! "

NormWilson (NormWilson)
"I've been a Fotkian since July 2008 and just upgraded for 5 more years. I love taking fotos and shariong them on the irc network I chat on, so far I have recruited about 5 new members who switched from Flick'r or some other site due to the Generous free account and the superb pricing of the premium one. I love My Fotki. "

BumbleBee & LadyBug's Garden (gmorninglory)
"Thanks Fotki for all the wonderful apps you have gifted us with! I love Fotki and all the fun! Fotki is a great site! "

>>>www.GaryGS1.com>>> Prime Times & World Travels (GaryGS1)
"Fotki Helps Make My Travel Dreams Come True!!!"

Arabian Place (ArabHorsePlace)

Bob Harper (bobharp)
"Very reliable service. Trying to convince family and friends to join. The Fotki site is the only sane way to share photos."

Kirk (AircoolerKirk)
"I love this site. I have tons of pictures here, and would hate it if you ever went away. I have gotten four of my freinds to join here just because its so much better than any other photo hosting site on the internet. You guys are awsome, please keep doing what you are doing. Its well worth the money."

Jan's Photos (JansRequests)
"I've been a member since March of 2004 and I can't think of a better way to get so much for so little. When Fotki says unlimited photo storage, they mean it! The best part of the whole deal is that when my hard drive went down, and I lost the pictures on my computer, the photos weren't lost here. Thanks for keeping my photos safe Fotki! "

Johnflint1985 (Johnflint1985)
"Perfect and very humane photo sharing service. I am using it for the last year or so and extremely happy with quality of service as well as people I met here."

BaronGeorg (BaronGeorg)
"My brother was a member for several years, he made and met many great people. I now upgraded my account from free to paid...because "I" now know how good it can be. The staff a Fotki has been extremely helpful and very quick to respond to my needs and questions."

napomo (napomo)
"Fotki just celebrated their 11th Birthday .... and I just celebrated my 5th year membership :D For all five years together I payed the price I would have to pay for one good dinner in a restaurant. Five years of fun, friendship, communication, learning lots about photography and securely backing up unlimited GB of pictures. Great deal! Isn't it? "

>>>www.GaryGS1.com>>> Prime Times & World Travels (GaryGS1)
"Fotki Staff is AWESOME!!! I know... I met them '-))) What a great team!!! Thanks for making me feel so Welcome in Tallinn, Estonia on my Recent Trip There!!! You're the BEST!!! Gary"

Tyszer (tyszer)
"Thanks Fotki for making putting pics on the web sooooo easy."

Millenniumdawg (millenniumdawg)
"I have been a Fotki member now for over 7 years. Lets cut to the facts, you aren't going to find a better site for hosing your pics and videos, and the Fotki community is the best!"